about us

Who We Are & What We Believe

Grow personally in faith

Acknowledging our
imperfection and need of grace

Build an accepting and transforming community

Extending God’s unconditional welcome to all

Work alongside our neighbors

Forming partnerships to
serve the world

Saint Luke’s is a community of prayer, fellowship and service. Our hallmarks have always been vibrant worship, great music, robust programs for adults, youth and children and a passion for putting faith into action.

We invite you to come together with us on our journey to find Christ in our lives and in the faces of everyone we meet.  We strive to be both traditional and experimental, hoping to offer a comfortable place to grow in faith.

We believe spiritual journeys are personal but are enhanced by community worship and faith in action. As we seek our individual path, we are bound together by the strength of the Holy Spirit and our fellow parishioners.

Let it begin with me!

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