– Starting February 28 –

Disciples of Christ In Community (DOCC)

Are you looking to connect or reconnect with people of faith at Saint Luke’s? Are you interested in finding a small group within our larger parish where you can ask big questions?

For decades DOCC has offered that experience to Saint Luke’s. Get ready for “DOCC 2023: Being With!” This updated program offers a chance to explore how to live abundantly with God, with one another and with creation.

The “DOCC 23: Being With!” curriculum was written by Sam Wells, a prominent theologian and Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London. His goal was to create a course exploring Christian faith and life in the context of a post-pandemic world.

Whether you are brand new to your Christian faith or are a long-time Saint Luke’s Parishoner, “DOCC 23: Being WIth!” offers a unique opportunity to look deeply into your beliefs in a small group setting.

This popular program will take place over 10 weeks starting February 28th. During each 90-minute session we will have time to wonder and learn together in small groups. You will be with your same group for the duration of the program to foster deep relationships as you explore your faith.

Program Schedule and Topics:

February 28 - May 16, 7:00-8:30 PM (includes a 2-week pause during Easter and Spring break)

2/28 Week 1: Meaning
3/7   Week 2: Essence
3/14 Week 3: Jesus
3/21 Week 4: Church

3/28 Week 5: Bible
4/18 Week 6: Mission

4/25 Week 7: Cross
5/2   Week 8: Prayer
5/9   Week 9: Suffering
5/16 Week 10: Resurrection

Please sign up by February 23rd

Questions? Email DOCC@saintlukesdarien.org

Hear from others about DOCC's Impact

In DOCC, I found a program that challenged me to strengthen my personal relationship with Christ, learn from engaging sessions with clergy, and discuss faith and prayer in an intimate atmosphere of trust and understanding. The members of my DOCC group are still in my life, and I am forever grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to participate in a program that stimulated, challenged, and propelled me forward in faith.
Rob Hulick
The most significant part of the [DOCC] experience is you spend several months, one week at a time, with the same individuals. Getting to know other members of the church in such depth is especially meaningful if you are a newcomer and don’t know any other members of the Parish. Your fellow DOCC participants give you an immediate sense of community. Sharing your journey of spiritual growth with others not only strengthens your own journey, but creates a bond with others that only comes from sharing in this safe setting. The shared thoughts, stories, and ideas are truly the best part of the DOCC experience.
Monie Sullivan
DOCC was both transformational and inspiring for me. It can be hard to know the best way to get involved at Saint Luke's, but the DOCC small groups gave me the opportunity to get to know some other parishioners quite well over time. It was great to be with like-minded people each week. Exploring our faith together in an up-close and personal way, makes a real impact in our day-to-day lives. With a lot of prayer, and help from the clergy and small group participants, DOCC helped me to deepen my faith and face some big challenges in my life head-on. This included decisions like getting a new job, then deciding to go part-time several years later, and even buying our house. So many of the lessons I learned in DOCC remain with me through today, including practicing daily prayer and gratitude. I also learned to be a better listener and made some lasting friendships from our small groups. I highly recommend DOCC to anyone looking to explore their Christian faith and life on a deeper level.
Mary Shaw