Young Adult Service Corps of the episcopal Church

Hello everyone! I’m Miranda Wilson, and I’m the Interim Director of Communications here at Saint Luke’s, as well as a life long parishioner. I just graduated from college in June, and while I’ve loved my time working here at Saint Luke’s, I’m really excited to be participating in the Young Adult Service Corps of The Episcopal Church, starting in late January!

The Young Adult Service Corps, or YASC, is a ministry for Episcopalians ages 21-30 who are interested in exploring their faith in new ways by living and serving in communities around the world. All YASC placements are made at the request of a diocesan bishop of a diocese within the Anglican Communion and are made based upon the skills, gifts, and interests of the young adult and the desires of our partners around the Communion. So, early next year, I will be moving to Geneva, Switzerland, where I’ll be working as the Director of Communications for Emmanuel Episcopal Church. The location of the church means I will also get to undertake work with the UN and the World Trade Organization as part of my placement.

I’d love for Saint Luke’s to be as involved as much as possible in my YASC journey! I will be posting video updates as well as blog posts, so if you’d like to follow along, click on the button below. If you’re interested in contributing financially to my fundraising goal, you are able to do so through the church, by either writing a check and mailing it to the office, or by using the form below. And finally, I ask for your prayers as I embark on what I know will be an incredibly exciting but also challenging year. Any and all support, in whatever way you are able to, is so appreciated. I am so excited to help foster a relationship between Saint Luke’s and Emmanuel, and even more excited to include you all in that process.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about my time, feel free to send me an email at!

Thank you so much!


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