The Forum

 The Forum is over for our spring 2022 season. We will resume on Sunday, September 18th 2022.

Our Eastertide series, “The Beauty of Holiness” has prepared us to welcome “Icons in Transformation,” a dramatic traveling exhibit that has toured Europe and North America, which opens this Sunday at Saint Luke’s, June 5th 2022.

We welcome, Swedish abstract expressionist Ludmila Pawlowska who will discuss her contemporary art exhibit “Icons in Transformation”. This dramatic 100 piece exhibition includes figurative and abstract multimedia works through which she explores and expands the language of painting; frequently addresses themes of spirituality and transformation. She is influenced by traditional iconography, and consciously makes art that summon impressions of infinite depth and spirituality. At her theme exhibit “Icons in transformation” wood panels hung throughout the interior of our church, defy its formal, ancient symmetry with spirituality as well as the layers of cultural and historical significance.