Transition Process

Our Process

We took four months to complete our Discernment Process, looking inward and exploring what God is calling us to be in our next chapter. We hosted over 20 individual focus groups among parishioners, community members, staff and clergy. The Holy Spirit was among us at every step and our learning was robust.

Our Discernment Committee prepared a report on its findings, which can be viewed here. It also gave a presentation to the Parish, which can be viewed here.

Our Communications Committee sends frequent parish-wide email updates, branded “SearchLight,” to keep our parishioners up to date on our transition news and process.

Our Prayer Committee emails a daily prayer mediation to the entire Transition Team, Clergy and Vestry. It also host a weekly conference call to pray collectively for the Parish and the team. One of its beautiful prayers is offered by the Congregation each week during the Eucharist service.

Our Recruitment Committee manages the application process, reviews candidates and conducts interviews. 

And our Hospitality Committee is working to ensure the Parish feels connected during this time of Transition and at the time of candidate visits, will host and welcome them to Saint Luke’s. Our Hospitality Committee will also ensure the selected Rector is welcomed, and has an easy transition to our wonderful Parish.

Saint Luke's Transition Prayer

Gracious God, 

We thank You for your guidance thus far and now ask for Your abiding presence to guide us as we seek our next Rector for our beloved Parish.  Fill the Recruitment Team with Your wisdom and clarity as they faithfully carry out the work You have called them to do. Fill the Hospitality Team with Your energy and creativity as they warmly welcome each candidate.  Open our hearts and minds as You help us draw closer to You.  Empower each of us to fully participate in Your divine purpose, just as generations before us followed Your call.   Wrap Your loving arms around our Saint Luke’s, as we lean on You for guidance. Thank you for Your unconditional love and amazing grace, day by day. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

SAINT LUKE’S Parish Transition Team

Discernment Committee​

Al Briganti
Sally Houlihan
Committee Members
Chris Bolton
Jennifer Boyd
Nancy Brown
Heather Dickinson
Walter Dodge
Mimi Griffith
Lindsay Hurty
Chuck Jackson
Chris Matteson
Octavia Molekenthin
Michael Moore
Wendy Moore
Angie Sandoval
Brian Van Elslander
Cecil Wade
Lida Ward

Prayer Committee

Laura Wilcock
Pam Payne
Committee Members
Cathy Bowman
Peter Dressler
Fred Elliott
Kinsey Ferguson
Susie Lindenberg
Kathy Lozier
Wendy Nixon
Rob Roberto
Terrie Van de Graaf
Tiffany Van Elslander
Pam Vossler
Priscilla Wong

Hospitality Committee

Barclay Bowen
Amanda Callahan
Susan Doelp
Caroline Gallagher
Karen Gildersleeve
Sam Haverstick
Page Kyle
Barbara May
Hedi O’Connor
Jennifer Richardson
Rosemary Roberto
Jeanne Sekse
Suzy Seymour
Jennifer Young
Lorna Young

Recruitment Committee

Lisa Baird
Craig Jones
Committee Members
Liz Bacon
Judy Barnett
Jim Bragg
John Craft
Skip Hooper
Rob Hulick
Stephan Kanlian
Rusty Martin
Ellen Melton
Amy Rebecchi

Communications Committee

Page Berger
Anne Lynn
William Wilson