Saint Luke’s Women’s Retreat 2019: Let it be New! Friday, October 4th – Sunday, October 6th Mercy Center, Madison, CT

About our retreat leader: 
Judy Holding

Judy has been faithful member of Saint Luke’s for over 40 years.  Her personal journey has included travel and living abroad as she made a home for her family in the Netherlands.  Her family now includes 2 sons and 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren.     She earned both a master’s in counselling from Fairfield University and an MAR (Masters of Arts and Religion) from Yale Divinity school. She now serves as an oncology chaplain at Greenwich Hospital. At Saint Luke’s, her gifts to us include a long time service in the alter guild and joyful participation in the choir for the last ten years.  Many Parish groups have relied on her wisdom and discernment: Vestry, search committees, the personnel committee, for instance.

Through it all, the theme of renewal and new beginnings have rung strong for Judy: career changes, culture changes, health challenges, family transitions. All these have been met with her characteristic spiritual strength and understanding. 

About the retreat:

From Friday afternoon, October 4 through Sunday noon, October 6, we will be taking a break from the whirlwind of September activities—demanding, as they do, so much of our energy.  This weekend is for being calm together with friends, dialing back a bit on the noise that characterizes our daily lives.  Nothing could be better than the fellowship and fun we have when we get together.

 We will each reflect on our community of faith as we go through leadership transition as well as our personal renewal journeys. It also will include time to truly retreat for rest, relaxation and spiritual nourishment.  The venue is Mercy

Center in Madison, Connecticut. 

Please join us for this special time to deepen and form more meaningful ties with the women with whom you share the pews of Saint Luke’s.

The retreat will end, as it traditionally does, with the pot ceremony, when we take our cares and burdens and offer them to the Lord and remove them from our plate of stresses.

 About The Mercy Center in Madison:

The Mercy Center, completely renovated and improved since the earliest days of the Women’s Retreat, is situated on a spacious campus on the Sound.  It offers excellent accommodations to its visitors.  Each visitor’s room, whether double or single, has a bath.  Large picture windows in the common area have ocean views.  There is an outdoor labyrinth and lots of places for great walks along the beach. 

The food is cafeteria style but excellent and healthful.  Special dietary requests can be honored as well, given enough notice.

The 2019 Women’s Retreat is fully booked.