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Welcome! Saint Luke’s is an Episcopal community of faith.
Join us as we seek God together in an open and loving parish.

Worship Schedule

8:00AM    Holy Eucharist with organ and hymns
10:00AM   Holy Eucharist with choir
5:00PM     Come As You Are (CAYA) Holy Eucharist (September – June)

Wednesdays (September – June)
9:30AM     Holy Eucharist & Healing in the Chapel


Saint Luke’s is deeply immersed in the exciting process of finding our new Rector. We have completed the Discernment phase, when the Parish considered who we are and what God calls us to become. We are currently interviewing candidates. It is a dynamic time for our Parish and we are very excited about the future.

Lisa Baird and Craig Jones are the Co Chairs of the Recruitment Committee. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have at

Upcoming Events

Winter happenings at Saint Luke’s

Sunday, February 23rd

Pathways – Queer Theology for the Episcopal Church with Sara Misgen

9AM in the Parish Hall

Come learn about the  basics of queer theology, and how it fits within the Episcopal Church’s traditions of prayer and sacrament. There will be plenty of time for discussion, questions, and participants will hopefully walk away with a better understanding of how the church’s theology includes all of God’s children.

Sara A. Misgen is a PhD student in Religious Studies at Yale University, where her research focuses on Christian conceptions of hell in the 4th-7th centuries. She is an active lay person in the Episcopal Church, an occasional preacher, knitter, and runner in her free time.

Wednesday, February 26th

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the first of the forty days of Lent, named for the custom of placing blessed ashes on the foreheads of worshipers at Ash Wednesday services. When we are marked with ashes, we remember our own limitations and brokenness and the healing and love that God offers us. Ash Wednesday services are typically solemn and quiet; there will be readings from Scripture and we will share in ancient prayers. There is the option to receive the mark of ashes in the sign of a cross on your forehead. The priest or lay minister will say “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  

Service times can be found below. 

Sunday, March 1st

The Great Litany at the 10AM Service

The Great Litany is the first liturgical rite written in English at the time of the Reformation. Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII, drew on a wide variety of Latin litanies to compose this English prayer during Henry’s conflicts with Scotland and France in 1544. Changed and adapted over the years for language and context, this form in our Book of Common Prayer is often said or chanted especially on the First Sunday in Lent. Its dramatic language and prayers for God’s mercy and deliverance make a fitting start to our Lenten practices. We will use it at the 10:00 service on March 1.

Ash Wednesday, February 26th

All services in Chapel except 7:00PM

6:30-7:30 AM   Ashes to Go– Noroton Heights Train Station

7:00 AM          Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes

9:30 AM          Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes with hymns

12:00 PM        Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes

5:00 PM          Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes for Families with Young Children

7:00 PM          Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes with Choir


Our Stewardship Campaign is Underway!

During this Annual Pledge Appeal we are asking for your financial commitment for 2020. The Church budget operates on the calendar year and we need your contribution so that we can plan for the next year. Please take the time to make a thoughtful, prayerful decision to support Saint Luke’s. Gratitude is at the heart of the stewardship mission, and the recognition of our many blessings is the foundation of the 2020 Stewardship Campaign. 

Thank you for all you give. 

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