Choir programs

Music is an important and cherished part of the fabric that makes up Saint Luke’s. Our music program, affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America, provides young singers with age-appropriate vocal training, superior music education, community building skills, excellent Christian education, and unique performance and travel opportunities. Our young choristers in the Saint Nicholas, Saint Cecilia, and Saint Gregory Choirs are paid stipends based on merit while they study the RSCM’s Voice for Life training curriculum. 

If you have specific questions regarding the Choir Program, email

If music/equipment fees produce any kind of hardship on families, scholarships are available through Friends of Music. Simply email Mr. P. to request a scholarship.

Friends of music

The mission of the Friends of Music at Saint Luke’s Parish is to continually support our choirs and allow them to share their gifts both within and beyond our walls. Our vision is that Saint Luke’s becomes a center for excellent and inspiring musical offerings in Darien, with a reputation that stretches far beyond.

Your donation to the Friends of Music helps maintain and improve our music program on an ongoing basis. We also have a permanent Music Endowment Fund which we hope to grow over the years to come.

Donations may be made by check made out to “Saint Luke’s Parish” with the notation “Friends of Music,” or you may contact Ron Wilson, Director of Finance & Administration at 203-655-1456 or

Saint Nicholas Choir

Thursdays, 4:45 – 5:30 PM

The Saint Nicholas Choir (age 5 by Jan. 1 – 2nd grade) welcomes our youngest boys and girls, introducing basic singing and musical concepts in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Choir includes Drumming sessions that introduce rhythm and movement as well as music theory; and Hand Chime instruments provide opportunities to read music, compose music, and reinforce concepts of pitch and melody. 

At this time, Masks are required.

Music/Equipment Fee: $80/year. *

Saint cecilia choir

Thursdays, 5:30 – 6:30 PM

The Saint Cecilia Choir (grades 3 – 5) offers members an opportunity to develop teamwork and leadership skills while exploring vocal technique, music theory, Christian formation, and community building. This choir follows the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music, and also offers unique travel and touring opportunities. Drumming sessions explore intricate rhythms and music theory; our Hand Chimes and newly restored Hand Bells provide opportunities to read music, compose, continue the concepts of pitch and melody, and perform as a group on the highest quality instruments of their kind. 


At this time, Masks are required. 

Music/Equipment Fee: $80/year. *

Saint gregory choir

Thursdays, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Saint Gregory Choir (grades 6 – high school) invites our older and more advanced choristers to further their musical studies in more comprehensive rehearsals. These singers join the adult Parish Choir on a weekly basis for the Sunday 10 AM service. This choir also is offered unique touring and traveling opportunities. 

At this time, Masks are required.
Music/Equipment Fee: $80/year. *

Saint luke's parish choir

Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:00 PM

The Saint Luke’s Parish Choir (adults) is made up of talented volunteers and a professional quartet.  The core repertoire is in the Anglican Cathedral tradition and also embraces jazz, Gregorian chant, spirituals, world music, and music of current composers. The Parish Choir sings on a weekly basis at the 10 AM Sunday service, at monthly Evensong, and other services. 

At this time, Masks are required.

Adults interested in joining the Parish Choir should contact David Pulliam at


Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:00 PM

Voice for Life, the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music, is offered to anyone in the St. Cecilia Choir and older interested in earning their ribbons and furthering their musical knowledge.